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Diana’s Book
How Personal Experience Shapes Executive Presence
Diana Jones understands that a leader is not just what they do but also who they are when they do it. Presence is an ephemeral concept. Diana is giving it form”
– Matt Church, founder Thought Leaders Global
How do you become influential?
What do people want from you at the leadership table?
What are the qualities that ensure people are drawn to you?
And how do you develop these?
These Are the Questions
Great Leaders Ask Themselves
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Everything you need to know to become an exceptional leader is right here!”
– Marshall Goldsmith, Thinkers50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World

Diana’s book

Leadership Material:

How Personal Experience Shapes Executive Presence

In this easily applicable and insightful guide for leaders and specialists, is packed with compelling examples, Diana shares:

  • That you already have all you need to be influential and impactful
  • The myths that have taken leaders down the wrong path in their development
  • The way leaders learn (and it’s not what you’d expect)
  • Three power words for leaders and how to use them to create accountability, engagement and collaboration
  • How small changes in behaviour have powerful positive impacts on both relationships and results.

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Leadership is about people, experience, and relationships. Diana’s book captures the simplicity of that well.”
– Steve Tew, CEO of New Zealand Rugby

RELATIONSHIPS are often viewed as touchy feely and invisible, yet they are leaders most powerful asset in influencing, and creating leaders’ success. Most leaders separate their personal qualities from their professional identity. Diana says it is your personal qualities that shape how people experience working with you. She asserts that it is your life experiences, accessed wisely, shape your capacities for empathy and authenticity. In fact, the soft side of leadership, empathy, relationships and authenticity – is derived from personal experience and leader’s personal and professional identities are both essential for inspiring others and achieving results. Diana says it is time to refresh our ideas on leadership and focus on behaviour, and relationships to achieve results.

Through compelling case studies, examples, and practice sessions from Diana’s work with current and aspiring leaders, Leadership Material takes readers on a professional development journey to leading authentically.

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Diana’s Book
How Personal Experience Shapes Executive Presence

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